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  • Are hooleh speakers covered under a warranty?

    Yes, all HOOLEH speakers purchased from an authorized reseller come with a 1-year limited warranty. for all inquiries you can contact us at support@hooleh.com

  • How do i obtain warranty service on my speaker?

    To obtain warranty service, please request a RMA at support@hooleh.com, or fill up the contact us form . After obtaining an RMA number, defective product must be returned to HOOLEH before any warranty service will be provided. You are responsible for all shipping and other costs associated with returning defective product to HOOLEH. Original proof of purchase is required to complete your warranty service request.

  • What is bluetooth?

    Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard for safely exchanging data over short distances (up to 33 ft. line-of-sight). In the HOOLEH product, Bluetooth technology is used to transmit music/sound signals wirelessly from a Bluetooth enabled device to the HOOLEH speaker. Bluetooth is managed by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), which has more than 15,000 member companies and oversees the development of the technology.

  • What devices are compatible with a hooleh speaker?

    HOOLEH speakers are compatible with most Bluetooth devices, including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, most Android phones and tablets, as well as both Mac and PC computers.HOOLEH speakers are also compatible with any device you use headphones with; you can use the included 3.5mm cable to plug your device directly into the HOOLEH. Consult your HOOLEH speaker's manual for Bluetooth specifications.

  • How many devices can be connected to a hooleh speaker at one time?

    HOOLEH speakers will remember the last 8 devices that were connected to them. However, only one device can play music through the HOOLEH at a time.

  • Can i listen to music on a hooleh speaker while it is being charged?

    Yes, You can play music through the HOOLEH speaker while it charges.

  • If you use the 3.5mm jack to daisy-chain two speakers together does it channel separate the two speakers?

    Daisy-chaining with an aux or 3.5mm cable does not channel separate between two speakers. The second speaker will play the same audio as the first speaker in the chain, adding it’s volume to the overall output.

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The IMPACT pairs instantly with Bluetooth devices like smartphones, Tablets, and computers, letting you send your favorite songs wirelessly to the speaker. Change tracks and adjust volume from your Bluetooth device, or use the control buttons located on the speaker.

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